Toledo, Ohio – March 9-10, 2024


Sam has over 75 films and numerous television shows to his credit. He is best known as FLASH GORDON, THE SPIRIT, THE HIGHWAYMAN, SG-1’s The Bounty Hunter

and for his memorable comedic performances in TED and TED 2.

Sam’s new film, AN UNLIKELY ANGEL was just released on Pure Flix, where he was
nominated for Best Supporting Actor by The International Christian Film Awards.

Sam’s first comic book – SAM J. JONES SAVES THE GALAXY (a 54-page Graphic
Novel), was just released (September, 2023.)

As an Actor-Producer for 45 years and a Marine for 50 years (once a Marine always a
Marine), Sam brings a rare and unique quality to the film industry, as well as to the
public speaking circuit, or as Sam would say “To the human condition circuit”.




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