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Upcoming Guests and Attractions

Bluewater Comic-Con – November 18, 2023

Guest appearances are subject to change


Event Schedule



October 28-29, 2023


Fantasticon – Fort Wayne

Grand Wayne Convention Center – Fort Wayne, IN.




November 18, 2023


Blue Water International Comic-Con

Bluewater Convention Center -Port Huron, MI.




March 9-10, 2024


Fantasticon – Toledo

Glass City Convention Center – Toledo, OH.



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Nerd Trivia

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Are you a Poser? Or are you a Jedi Master?

Nerd Trivia will test your nerd knowledge to see just how much of a geek you really are!!

This is the ultimate test that will determine your true level of cool

1 / 10

Which Star Wars character was best known for detecting enemy traps?

2 / 10

In Star Wars, who was Bo-Katan's sister?

3 / 10

In the cartoon, Futurama, what occupation did Phillip Frye have before he was woken up in the future?

4 / 10

What TV show did actor Jason Momoa get his start in?

5 / 10

What state was Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory born in?

6 / 10

Which of the following actresses have not played Sarah Conner?

7 / 10

What Space Ship was Malcolm Reynolds the captain of?

8 / 10

Which of the following characters was not a member of Battlestar Galactica?

9 / 10

What year did Marty and Doc never travel to in Back to the Future?

10 / 10

Which original Lost in Space character played a recurring role in the TV show Babylon 5?

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